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2022916日に保健学研究科の学位授与式が行われました。今回保健学研究科がJICA開発大学院連携に参加してから初めての卒業生の送り出しにもなりました。マラウィからの留学生の博士前期課程でJohn Thumbiko Kaundaさんは、母国における新型コロナ感染症のエイズ治療に与える影響について、修士論文としてまとめました。入学以来新型コロナ感染症のパンデミックの中、沖縄での公衆衛生を十分に現場で学ぶことはかないませんでしたが、オンラインにて沖縄の公衆衛生を学び、母国での研究も遠隔で行い修士号取得にいたりました。918日から24日は総仕上げとしてフィリピンでの研修と、国際学会での発表を行いました。10月からは6か月間京都にて企業でのインターンシップに参加します。JICA沖縄、琉球大学上原キャンパス学務課の皆様の支援に改めて感謝します。

Studying at this university has been a tremendous experience. On my first day, I remember feeling nervous and worried, but in all honesty, the department members helped me become much more confident. Thanks to their assistance, I was able to settle into my new life; for that, I would like to express my gratitude. Despite the highs and lows, I went through, I still believe they were essential to my growth as a person and my capacity for independence. I would also like to thank my supervisors for putting in extra effort for us to work hard in a friendly and approachable manner. I felt compelled and motivated during my coursework; hence, I managed to graduate on time. I would also like to thank my fellow students for their support. I will miss the times we spent together in room 504. I enjoyed the laughs and conversations we had and will always cherish those moments. Everything has its own time. My time to say goodbye has come and I wish you all the best in your life and studies. Remain optimistic and joyful. Thank you very much”